Best Software to send bulk Whatsapp Message

Whatsapp, the chat service from Facebook has become widely popular in India and the rest of the world.  The app allows people to connect with others through groups or personal chats. This app has also released a unique app called whatsapp business for those who want to communicate with their customers for business purposes.   TheContinue reading “Best Software to send bulk Whatsapp Message”

How to increase customer engagement through whatsapp?

At present, more than two billion people use Whatsapp, and every day new people start using it. Hence it is one of the most prominent marketing places for any brand. The most used way of marketing is the WhatsApp mass message.  Whatsapp can allow brands to engage with people from any country like the UK,Continue reading “How to increase customer engagement through whatsapp?”

Effective ways for whatsapp bulk marketing

WhatsApp has become one of the most loved social media platforms. WhatsApp now has two versions- regular Whatsapp and whatsapp business.   Brands from worldwide now use whatsapp to connect to their audiences through messages, text, and other methods. Whatsapp supports a wide range of devices like android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia S40, etc. It alsoContinue reading “Effective ways for whatsapp bulk marketing”

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