A complete guide on the importance of database for whatsapp marketing campaigns

Whastapp may look like a simple app, but it can become your primary marketing method. For even small businesses, it is one of the best ways to market their services and products.  

Due to the broader user base of whatsapp, more and more companies are now interested in starting their promotional whatsapp campaign to connect to a worldwide base of people. Whatsapp is a global app that helps your brand reach a large section of a targeted audience from Brazil, USA, Australia, UK, Malaysia etc.  

But, before you start your campaigning, a whatsapp database should be your priority. Without a curated database, your campaigning may not fetch satisfactory results. Here are some points that you need to know. Read this article till the end to understand what you need to do for successful and productive whatsapp marketing campaigns.

Strong Database for clients

For any brand, the success of the campaign lies in the whatsapp phone database. WhatsApp is free and is easy to use. But, you need to invest in a proper database. Your whatsapp database needs to contain different lists. A select list with your existing customers and another list of the targeted audience is the best choice. A brand can notify clients or potential audiences about their WhatsApp number through online campaigns in other social media platforms or email. It will attract your clients.

Details that are updated

It may seem extra work beside your arrangement to send bulk whatsapp message.  But it never fails. A dedicated whatsapp database with all the details about your clients, their contact numbers, name, birthdate, and other features allow a brand to connect to their audiences in the best way.

Freebies for clients

Since whatsapp is free of cost, a brand needs to attract their audiences for building a database. You can offer some small token of appreciation like a little freebie, a complimentary gift or service to attract your viewers. Use whatsapp marketing tools to design compelling messages with promotional freebies to attract your clients. People might end up being your loyal customer through these giveaways.

Relevant information

Suppose some contacts do not respond to your whatsapp promotion message despite your repeated attempts, it is better to remove them. Unresponsive contacts do not make a good database. Hence, you need to review the database after some time to delete contacts or add new contacts to make it more relevant.

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